Monthly Archives: December 2010

Photo of the Week

Dania Assaly
Location: Copper Mtn, CO / Grand Prix
Photo: Josh Bishop

Despite miserable conditions at the Grand Prix, Dania Assaly was able to
stomp a cork 9 in her half-pipe run and place 4th in the event. A week
later in Breckenridge, Dania put … Continue Reading

Photo of the Week

Mike Hornbeck
Helsinki, Finland 2010
Photo: Chris O’Connell

OC shot this hanging from a fire escape ladder about 15 feet off the ground. So extreme.

Photo of the Week

Phil Casabon
Alpine Meadows, CA
Photo: Chris O’Connell

Phil Casabon putting the all new THall Pro Models to the test on a late spring day in Alpine Meadows.