ARcast Windell’s

In the early 2000’s, film crews embarked on their annual pilgrimage to Mt. Hood, Oregon to capture the most progressive and groundbreaking skiing in the world. Jumps over halfpipes were built, the loop was constructed, sunset shoots were pioneered, skiers boosted to skyscraper-like heights on hips, and the energy they created spread faster than the Enron scandal in Southern California. Unbeknownst to them, the cinematographers illuminated the heroes of tomorrow, athlete segments proved legendary, and their films would be played in VCR’s for years to come. Although the tricks, athletes, and features have changed over the past decade, the aura surrounding Mt. Hood, Oregon remains the same. Large features, talented athletes, private shoots, and campers alike are staples the “Funnest Place on Earth”. The slushy jumps that saw the first d-spins, misty flips, and switch tricks are now encouraging skiers to stomp multiple variations of doubles, lofty switch cork 3s, and completely redefine rail skiing. Holding true to the historic nature of Mt. Hood; summer 2011 was characterized by perpetual sun, incredible parks, talented coaches, and a breeding ground for limitless possibilities.


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