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Photo of the Week

Torin Yater-Wallace
Photo: Josh Bishop
Location:  Winter X 16, Aspen, CO
Trick: Dub flat 9 mute

While other athletes take mellow warm up laps, Torin drops in and boosts consistent 10 – 20ft airs on his first practice lap. Maybe it’s the home court … Continue Reading

THall X-Games 16

In case you missed the memo, Tanner Hall has been dominating practice runs in Aspen all week and routing for his teammates at the events. Although he is not competing in this year’s event, his pipe skiing is downright flawless … Continue Reading

Aspen Sports Poster Signing

Where: Aspen SPorts 408 East Cooper Avenue. Aspen, CO 81611
When: TODAY! January 24th at 5pm
Athletes: Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, Jacob Wester, Gus Kenworthy, Torin-Yater Wallace, Devin Logan.

PODIUM SHOTS: Killington Dew Tour Pipe

From L to R: Devin Logan (2nd), Maddie Bowman (1st), Brita Sigourney (3rd).

From L to R: Wing-Tai Barrymore (2nd), Torin-Yater Wallace (1st), Tucker Perkins (3rd).

Photo of the Week

Photo: Josh Bishop
Location: Retallack, BC/ January 2012

Warmly regarded as a tangible Shangri-La; Retallack, BC is a true utopia with some of the best terrain, snow, and scenery in North America. Located a short drive from Nelson, BC, this place is … Continue Reading

Photo of the Week

Athlete: Tanner Hall
Photo: Chris O’Connell
Date/ Location: Winter 2008/ Retallack Lodge, BC

This week marks our annual pilgrimage to Retallack Lodge, BC to shoot imagery for SIA, test new products, and collaborate with a few athletes on new product ideas. More so … Continue Reading

Photo of the Week

Torin Yater-Wallace
photo: Chris O’Connell
Location: Armada Office/ Costa Mesa, CA

While attending the annual Armada Team Meeting at our offices in Costa Mesa, CA, Torin Yater-Wallace sessioned the mini ramp for hours in-between product meetings, shooting photos, and providing feedback on new … Continue Reading