A Weekend at Woodward Tahoe

This past weekend, Henrik, Phil, and Tanner ventured to Woodward at Tahoe for the grand opening of their new facility. Packed with foam pits, flow parks, super tramps, concrete skatepark, chill area, and media zone; this place is one of the most epic facilities in California. To top it all off, Woodward has teamed up with Boreal Mountain Resort offering a full 22 ft pipe, a 30ft jump, an airbag jump, and 20 jib features.

Check out some photos below:

A panoramic of the new facility. It truly is a dream come true for anyone looking to learn new tricks, have fun, or just play in one of the best playgrounds in the world.

Concrete parks are epic. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you are well accustomed to blasting through transitions, finding new lines, and creating that old school vibe on your bike or board. For anyone attending Wooodward Tahoe, they can shred this indoor park all year round without interruption from the weather.

New for Woodward Tahoe is their media zone, which teaches campers how to shoot photos, video, capture, and edit their projects. Think of it like the most interactive and and action packed film class in the world. Pretty sick.

Despite having one of the worst snow years on record, Boreal plans to stay open all of June to support Woodward. With a full pipe, jumps, and a stack of jibs; they are absolutely crushing it and maximizing the hell out of their limited resources. On a good snow year, this place will go off!

Shades, flatbrim, custom mitts, and fresh AR7s; B-Dog has his kit dialed for summer shredding.

The night before Woowdard opened to the public, the Inspired crew set up a night shoot in a 22ft pipe groomed to perfection. With Tanner, Phil, and Henrik stacking shots for “The Education of Style” the session went off. Here’s a cork 5 from Tanner.
Behind the scenes of the night shoot with Tanner warming up in the pipe.
Full 22 ft pipe cut by Eric Rosenwald.
The view from Donner Lake.

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