From June Mtn. with Love

After reading this press release, we learned that our beloved June Mountain will close indefinitely. While many utilized June as a place to escape busy crowds at Mammoth, we mostly skied June when operations were closed for the year, the sun was out, and our athletes were looking to put the finishing touch on their segments. For us, June was a place where bangers were produced, cover shoots were captured, catalogs were shot, and athletes cut their teeth at some of our first photo shoots.

While the below photos represent small excerpts from a few sessions at June, our favorite memories are from the outstanding park crew, perfectly made features, and personalities that we met along the way.
June Mountain’s pipe was insane. You could be there on a sunny afternoon in April and be the only one sessioning. Below, Boyd Easley sends a perfect cork 5 mute in one of the first Armada ads.

Unlike park jumps, you really have to understand how to ride transitions to boost on a hip. At our first hip session in 2005, Jacob Wester figured it out pretty fast and boosted some of the biggest airs of the session. Below, Jake appeared on the cover of Freeskier Magazine in 2006 with this shot.

One of the best things about June is the vistas. With enough snow, they will give you a backdrop so immaculate that your assistant’s out of focus point n’ shoot photos will look publishable. Below, Jacob sends a huge 270 mute

Getting on top of the deck of a hip during a shoot is hilarious. You’re in every other photographer & filmers’ shot and it provides a rad prospective that others won’t shoot. Here’s another one of Jacob boosting off the deck.

This shot is of TJ Schiller absolutely crushing the shoot. He kept doing these huge 450s with unbelievable grabs. If anyone reading this is an aspiring pro, take notes from TJ and develop really well grabbed dynamic tricks. You will be a photographer’s go to athlete in no time and team mangers will get all nostalgic about, “the good ole days” of skiing.

Recognize this shot? It’s a skier named Dante Xelion that showed up to a few park shoots and dominated. All the athletes liked him because he partied until 4am every night and would wake up at 7am ready to shoot. He had sick style, dressed in all white, stomped pretty much everything, and didn’t really care about the fame or taking his career to the next level. This kid was epic and always will be.

In 2011, we revisited the classic hip with Jacob and were blown away by how much higher he could send the feature. It was probably a combination of wildly fast black p-tex on the Pipe Cleaner and a flawless transition on the hip. Either way, the sessions were mind blowing and even though we got shut down from a few weather days, we had yet another memorable session at one of our favorite mountains in SoCal.

While this article was a really fun walk down memory lane, chances are June will re-open after a few years and we’ll be able to create another stack of sunset bangers amidst an incredible backdrop. Until then, enjoy the break and be thankful for your local ski resort.

From June Mountain With Love,

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