The World Premiere of “The Education of Style”

World premieres, especially those associated with ski films, are electrifying. Something about the combination of high profile athletes, hundreds of fans, friends, industry folk, and families coming together to celebrate our sport is invigorating. For the athletes’, it’s their opportunity to witness the summation of countless hours of hiking, sessioning, building, falling, creating, editing, traveling, pain, suffering, and positive energy that went into their segments. As the film plays, they daydream about particular instances on the screen, inside jokes from the season, the severity of certain situations, and the agony behind the project. This is their first time absorbing the crowds’ reaction to their skiing, and when the mood is right and the crowd explodes with excitement, it makes everything worthwhile.

For The Education of Style, I could write for pages, upon pages about the positive aspects of the film. I could tell how absurd the skiing is, the incredible feeling watching Tanner ski at 110% after his injuries, the ridiculous edge control, genius fluidity, and raw passion B-Dog put into his segment, the vibe of the friends’ montage, or focus on Henrik’s segment, which is one of the most unfathomable and progressive displays of talent and creativity in ski film history; or, I could just tell you to watch the film. Rather than read this blog or see the photos from the event, you should go to iTunes, download the HD version, and watch the film.

Ultimately, the movie is a testament to the limitless possibilities in skiing and displays incredible dedication for skiing, progression, and friendship. Regardless of film equipment, editing platforms, or production value; The Education of Style proves that anything is possible with creativity and you don’t need huge budgets to have a positive impact on the industry.

Below: Photos from Lido Theatre & the afterparty at Armada HQ.

The Historic Lido Theatre is one of the best premiere venues of all time. Along with being walking distance to the Pacific Ocean, the theatre has an epic placard proclaiming each event. Here, Tanner, Henrik, and Phil line up below the sign.

No photos please! It was Robert’s 1st day on the job as a limo driver, hopefully the crew from Inspired showed him a good time!

Inside the limo with Jess, Tanner, Phil, Henrik, Louisa, and filmmaker Eric Iberg.

Iberg & Henrik getting out of the limo.

Tanner with his parents Gerry & Darla Hall.

Liesl Holtz, marketing manager for Oakley women’s hanging with Boyd Easley, Armada co-founder, and former pro team athlete.

Local celebrity Corey Stantino enjoying the festivities with his usual entourage. Want to party in SoCal? This guy has his finger on the pulse of all happenings south of L.A.

The box office

Poster signings are a must at premieres. Everyone gets the meet the athletes, walk away with sick posters, and have something to hang on their wall for the next 10 years.

After the premiere, everyone rolled back to the Armada HQ to celebrate Henrik’s 21st and the release of the film. Here, Mickael Deschenaux shows off his 40oz for the camera. According to Tanner, Mickael was one of the originators of style and having him in attendance was an honor for the stars of the film.

Thanks to Davey @ Monster, the Wahoo’s food truck kept everyone well fed with delicious burritos & tacos.

Skullcandy kept the party bumping all evening inside the Armada warehouse. Thanks for the tunes!

Maybe he had a few too many 21st birthday beverages, but something about trick candles really through Henrik for a loop. Here, the young Swede is on his 4th or 5th attempt trying to get those suckers out.

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