The World Premiere of Level 1′s “Sunny”

Fans line up for the poster signing.

Going to a poster signing is like getting stuck in rush hour traffic. People are shouting, adrenaline is at an all-time high, and it takes forever to move a small distance. Thankfully, the stoke of the evening kept these kids in line for hours as they waited for signed posters from their favorite skiers.

After 7 years of filming for Level 1, Mike Hornbeck earned the coveted opening segment. According to Level 1′s Kyle Decker, “I’m so happy for that kid. It’s been a long time coming and he earned it!”

The man who started it all: Josh Berman.

Seamus and Paddy have been on the Armada program for 3 years now. When they started out, Seamus was skiing a pair of 150 Codas and Paddy was on 105 Bantams. Now, the brothers are skiing adult size skis and attending High School in Vail, CO. They grow up so fast!

With only 4 shots in the film, Breck local Pat Goodnough received the loudest cheers out of any other athlete in Sunny. According to Pat, “This was the best night of my life. Berman just gave me the craziest opportunity!” Nicely done brotha!

Ever been to a ski premiere where the fans filled three stories of a venue? Unreal.

The entire Hornbeck family came out to watch Mike open the film. It was the first time his parents had ever been to a ski premiere and they were stoked to say the least!


Sunny Official Trailer from Level 1 on Vimeo.

Ski movies are brilliant. In addition to highlighting segment after segment of awe-inspiring tricks; they capture candid moments of our favorite athletes that inject heavy doses character onto the screen. Amidst distant travels, long nights shredding urban, and bottomless pow days; ski movies illuminate the a variety of characters that dedicate 9+ months of their lives to the film. Some characters ski pow, some ski urban, some film, some shoot photos, and some organize trips. Regardless of their role in the film, everyone comes together to celebrate and share the perspectives, passions, and personalities of the athletes.

In an age where companies are actively signing and dropping the latest and greatest competition stars, Level 1 stands firm with a “Sunny” burst of optimism in a time when skiing needs it most. Far removed from monotonous slopestyle routines and made for TV competitions, Level 1 proved that the title “professional skier” has no limitations and is fitting for anyone looking to challenge their creativity on skis.

Haven’t seen the film yet? Download a copy on iTunes!