Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Build Process: Tanner Hall Invitational

Working with 2 – 3 snow cats, multiple shapers, and members of the Sierra at Tahoe park crew; SPT has been working round the clock to construct a massive feature for Tanner’s invitational. Despite 36 hours of rain, severe fog, and overcast … Continue Reading

That Old Film Camera

Although film is a dying form of photography, my 35mm film camera is a staple in my camera bag. Perhaps you can get the same type of photo with the “inkwell” effect in Instagram, but there lies something unique in … Continue Reading

One Hot Minute Ep. 5

Excerpt from “The Meltdown South” with Mike Hornbeck, Ben Moxham, and Brady Perron. Pulga was a chef at Roca Negra lodge in Termas de Chilan, where Hornbeck, Moxham, and Brady resided for most of the time during the shooting of … Continue Reading

Torin Wins GOLD at Euro X!

Athlete: Torin Yater-Wallace
Photo: Chris O’Connell
Supporting Cast: The Turkish Prince
Location: Turkey

Congrats to Torin Yater-Wallace for winning Gold at Euro X! We don’t know who’s more excited, us or the Turkish Prince!


Adventure Skiing in Alaska

The months of March and April are upon us, and that means its prime time for spine skiing in Alaska. Many top film company’s and the worlds best mountain riders will make the annual pilgrimage in hopes of riding this … Continue Reading

ASPEN, Colorado

As members of our crew hopped connections to Euro X or their latest film project, we grabbed our gear and headed to Aspen, Colorado for a week of ski testing with Freeskier Magazine. With a reputation for high fashion, expensive restaurants, … Continue Reading

T.Y.W. — Personal Escorts at X.

Immediately after Torin won his 5th consecutive Winter X-Games medal in Aspen, CO; he was escorted by ESPN staff to the podium to receive his silver medal. While family, fans, photographers, and journalists mobb Torin with congratulatory praise, the organizers at ESPN are on a … Continue Reading

Tech your skis!

Just like cars, skis perform drastically better with routine maintenance. Tell a friend!