ASPEN, Colorado

As members of our crew hopped connections to Euro X or their latest film project, we grabbed our gear and headed to Aspen, Colorado for a week of ski testing with Freeskier Magazine. With a reputation for high fashion, expensive restaurants, and all the glitz and glam of Saks Fifth Ave; few people see the other side of Aspen. For every fur coat and diamond studded iPhone, there’s a die-hard skier that lives 4 deep in a one bedroom condo with his buddies from Ohio. There’s a dude making burritos, tending bar, or working grooming from 4pm – midnight to make ends meet. They serve your coffee, tune your skis, and do anything in their power to wake up on a bluebird day and shred one of 4 mountains in the area. Regardless of their role in Aspen, they continue to live and thrive in a rad community and we can’t say enough good about their town and the mountains around them.

Enjoy hiking for your turns? Take a walk up highlands bowl. image_23

Affectionately known as “the couch” this chairlift on Ajax is slow, big, and comfortable. Need to take a business call or hit on the girl you met at the bar? Spin a lap on the couch for some peace and quiet. 
If every ski area had a trail that started/ ended in the middle of town, the world would be a better place. 
If there’s no fresh pow, at least there’s fresh corduroy to shred. 
The trees at Highlands. 
Going up the lift with Greg Strokes (Oakley) and Jacob Wester. 
Jacob atop Highlands Bowl on a socked in morning.  
The view of the Maroon Bells (almost!) 
Thanks to a couple enthused cat drivers, there are tons of lips, transitions, hips, and kickers all over Ajax, you just have to know where to find them! 


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