That Old Film Camera

Although film is a dying form of photography, my 35mm film camera is a staple in my camera bag. Perhaps you can get the same type of photo with the “inkwell” effect in Instagram, but there lies something unique in a 35mm black and white photo. With only so many shots on a roll, much more attention is paid to framing, set up, and lighting when taking a shot with film. I only bust this camera out at the most opportune times, making these some of my most favorite photos every trip. Below, here are some shots from Asia with the team in South Korea, and around Sapporo, Japan.Henrik Harlaut at Gyeongbokgung Palace


The Entrance to Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, Korea11090016

Mike Hornbeck checking out the sunset in a hotel in Gangnam, South Korea. 

Japanese baseball scoreboard near a rail sessioned in Kitahiroshima.

Hornbeck building out a feature near Kitohiroshima, Japan. Many times we would leave features over night to hit the next morning, and they would be completely buried when we got back. Insane amounts of snow in Sapporo.

Hornbeck on top of a bridge that was sessioned as a butter pad to reverse transition at the bottom.

Building a massive gap to wall ride transition feature.
Maruyama Yohei, Mike Hornbeck, and Yoshiya “Bull” Urata post urban session in Sapporo.

words and photos by Corey Stanton

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