The Build Process: Tanner Hall Invitational

Working with 2 – 3 snow cats, multiple shapers, and members of the Sierra at Tahoe park crew; SPT has been working round the clock to construct a massive feature for Tanner’s invitational. Despite 36 hours of rain, severe fog, and overcast skies; the feature is coming together nicely. Although the forecast calls for more rain, we’re hoping for pockets of sunshine above the clouds to during practice today.

Here’s a few photos from the build:

The view from the inrun. Not a bad background! 

Shape, bulldoze, evaluate, and repeat; standard operating procedure for Snow Park Technologies. 
The gap between the quarter pipe and the hip. 
While most mountains would simply blow snow for an event like this, Sierra operates with natural snow only. All the materials used to build the feature was farmed from the top of the mountain.  
The snow cat sculpting the landing of the hip 
Carving out the transition
The hip & the quarter-pipe channel 
The quarter pipe gap
The channel 



Double rainbow from the hotel last night. WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?!?! 
Here’s to a good event!



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