MADSTEEZ and STINK :: Office Murals pt. I

MADSTEEZ (aka Mark Paul Deren) and Stink (aka Evan Rossell) came by the office to liberate our exterior walls from the oppressive reign of beige paint. Armed with an array of color, their ideas took form over two days as they sketched, sprayed, brushed until dark. Here are some photos from the creative process:

Madsteez’s twitter description reads ART!ST: V!S!ONARY: WEENA!SSANCE MAN. While most people have never met a weenaissance man, these photos may shed additional light on the subject. 

This here is Evan. He’s a super mellow, unsuspecting dude with an incredible eye for unique art. You’ve probably seen his work on Nike shoes, Hurley’s campus, and a variety of surf boards, skateboards, and buildings in SoCal. 
The creative process with MADSTEEZ
steezpaint3 copy
Steez overseeing the paint delivery. 

Evan blending colors on an open ski box. Wet paint : ) 
The office & warehouse

Evan mixing colors and changing brushes.

The face of a hairy fool!

Post mural pigskin toss with Evan and Steez 

Eazy-e spotting the landing after a huge backflip! 

STiNK’s finished product. 

MADSTEEZ and his mural of Eazy-e. 

For more info on the artists, check out their websites: and

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