Monthly Archives: June 2013

Cell Phone Shots from Austria

Took a quick trip to Austria to check in with the factory, test new skis, and enjoy the area. It’s one the most breathtaking countries in the world and home of endless access points into the mountains and surrounding scenery.

Look who's on the webcast!

While viewing the live webcast for the Oakley Pro Bali 2013, we found one of our athletes casually watching the event with a camera and telephoto lens. Not bad Jake! Hope you got the shot and enjoyed the event.

Jacob Surf Interview

When did you get into surfing?
First time I went surfing was actually with OC and Greg Strokes, in Newport Beach, CA. I had just signed for Armada and Oakley and I was 16 years old. They took me out in … Continue Reading

Photo of the Week

Athlete: Alex Bellemare
Location: Aspen, CO / X-Games
Date: January 2013

Bellemare is really calculated. Rather than stress about training, his run, or anything else surrounding the event, he just chilled and played Scrabble during X-games. The day after this photo was taken, he stomped … Continue Reading


Received an email from Matti Räty this morning announcing their new project:

Hello! This is what’s up right now, the final Nipwitz.

We are doing a two-year project and the first year of filming is now done. Just dropped the first teaser and the movie will be … Continue Reading