Top 10 Most Popular Photos on @ArmadaSkis Instagram

If you don’t follow @ArmadaSkis on Instagram, open the app and follow us! or CLICK HERE. For our existing followers, you’re well accustomed to daily posts of our athletes, adventures, and behind the scenes life at Armada. For a preview of our feed, we bring you our top 10 most popular posts:

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10. Pillows for Days. 2,991 Likes

Every year, we venture to Retallack Lodge, BC to obtain photos and videos for SIA, dealer catalogs, and variety of other mediums. Constantly serving up endless pillow lines, steep terrain, and world class tree skiing, Retallack is an easy choice for the shoot.
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9. @TannerHall420 touching the sun at Nine Knights in Livigno, Italy. Photo by @jesstidswell. 3033 Likes.

Tanner posted this shot of a flat 3 japan from Nine Knights. It’s probably the largest park jump he’s hit since his injury and it’s so rad to have him back on snow doing what he loves.
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8.  @ianprovo camping in Alaska last season. 3119 Likes.

Ian Provo is an adventurer, photographer, outdoorsman, and skier. For the last two years, he’s ventured to AK with his brother Neil to film and document skiing in the untamed landscape. He supplies us with stacks of imagery from his trips and this is one of our favorite shots of their glacier camp.
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7. @ianprovo dropping into a line in AK. #TST. 3153 Likes.

GoPro screen grabs are always hot on the feed. Here, Provo tries out the new TST on an AK spine.
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6. @edollardo. 3154 Likes.

Henrik Harlaut hiking to the slope course at X-Games. Shooting photos at X is pretty fun. It’s such a well covered event you can take photos of anything and still walk away with rad event coverage.
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5. Regram from @auclairjp in @retallacklodge. #armadaskis. 3221 Likes.

JP has a killer feed. It’s a mix of travel, architecture, skiing, friends, and anything else he finds interesting throughout his journey. This classic “selfie” from the top of a run in Retallack is sure to get everyone fired up.
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4. #Alaska. 3233 Likes.

The best part about having an office full of traveling skiers is receiving email after email of incredible shots from their adventures. Here, our softgoods product manager Jeff Russel captures two Alaskan peaks on a heliskiing trip last month.
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3. Another gem from @ianprovo in #AK. 3417 Likes.

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2. @auclairjp going absolutely HAM in Turkey. 3477 Likes.

Classic cork 5 blunt off a mini a-frame in Turkey. Maybe it takes us back to the early years of “Propaganda” and “Happy Days,” but something about turning an A-Frame house into a jump never gets old.

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1. . @mjhornbeck vs. the @mammothunbound DFD. 3876 Likes.

A true master of rail trickery, Hornbeck does a casual nollie off the DFD in Mammoth. If you look closely in the top right corner of the frame, you see the snow abruptly transition to rock and dirt that was overtaking the majority of the coverage. The fact that he hiked the rail for two hours in 70+ degree heat while skiing over rocks on the inrun makes the photo that much more special. Check the full MAMMOTH update for more info on the trip.
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