Photo of the Week

Athlete: Riley Leboe
Photo: Chris O’Connell
Location: Retallack Lodge, BC
Date: January 2013

On our annual trip to Retallack, there was almost too much snow for a photo shoot. The concept is ridiculous. You travel to a place hoping for great snow, then it happens, then shooting and skiing become problematic. Cameras, goggles, snowcat windows, snowmobiles – everything exposed to the elements fills with snow. Visibility and wind gusts are the most difficult. Sometimes, Riley and Ian would stand on a line or a cliff for 1o or 20 minutes, hoping for an break in the storm, then completely miss the feature as they skied the line. After skiing a few days in complete white-out conditions, it cleared up on day 4. Above, Riley Leboe finds a break in the clouds and smashes and pillow in the trees.

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