The perfect storm…

Words: Kalen Thorien 
Photos: Jim Harris

The perfect storm…

When you hear that in a forecast, you can’t help but let your imagination run. Dreaming about bottomless powder, endless faceshots, and skiing the best snow on earth. Yup, Utah was setup to have a hell of a week. -10 degree temperatures lingered in the mountains allowing the storm to come in to frigid conditions, something forecasters haven’t seen in over five years. They predicted a potential of two feet of dry, cold snow smoke overnight, so naturally everyone was chomping at the bit. Sunday looked like the banger day so I called up photographer Jim Harris and skier Ian Provo to come get some deep turns up at Alta Ski Area.

The storm came in, lake effect took action, and we woke up to what we were hoping would be two feet of fresh blower. We check Alta’s snow report and were smacked in the face with a mere 5” of new overnight. 5 inches? How could this be? Apparently the storm decided to track south of us dropping that two feet one range away. But we went up anyways, hoping to make something out of possibly nothing.

Of course, in true Alta fashion, that “five inches” felt a hell of a lot deeper and it was easily over a foot in places. I think they report low to keep it all to themselves! So maybe it wasn’t two feet, but it was a hell of a lot of fun for our first storm(s) of the season!


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