Olympic Highlights: Sochi 2014

Ahhhh yes, the XXII Winter Olympic Games are over. The spectators have left Sochi, athletes are relaxing comfortably at home, and for those that medaled, an endless barrage of mainstream media has flooded onto TV sets and social media channels throughout the globe. Below are a few highlights from the games featuring Armada athletes, enjoy!


First things first, let’s congratulate Devin Logan on winning the Silver Medal in Women’s Slopestyle. The conditions were complete garbage, most girls had difficultly clearing the jumps, and it was warmer than an Arizona summer at the venue. She wasn’t able to do her full run (as seen at X-Games), but the tricks she put down were solid enough for a Silver Medal Finish. Congrats Dev!

And now for the highlights:

1) WU-Tang is for the children

2) Maggie Voisin got a parade in her honor upon returning to her hometown of Whitefish, Montana. Despite suffering an injury that removed her from the competition, Maggie has kept her spirits high and is going to come back stronger than ever for next season. In case you missed Maggie’s silver medal X-Games run, just CLICK HERE. She’s only 15 and will dominate the sport for years to come.

maggie parade
3) Torin received a shout out from T-Swift. Sure, it was fully staged and set up by US Weekly, but a shout out nevertheless. She’s 24, he’s 18, there’s a bit of an age difference there, but maybe it will help them break the ice next time she’s in Aspen. torin_taylor_790
4) Henrik wins for media attention. From the BuzzFeed article, to shouting “WU-Tang is for the Children” to appearing on front page headlines throughout the globe, Henrik is truly the world’s favorite Olympian. Aside from all that, he put down one of the most stylish and technical runs he has ever done and we couldn’t more proud of the young Swede. Nicely done homie! Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 2.19.53 PM
Shout out to everyone who supported Armada at the Olympics. Even though everyone didn’t make didn’t make finals or receive widespread media attention, many individuals were promoting our skis, outerwear, and style in their respective event. Thank you!

Devin Logan – USA – Women’s Slopestyle – Silver Medalist
Maggie Voisin – USA – Women’s Slopestyle
Lisa Zimmerman – GER – Women’s Slopestyle
Henrik Harlaut – SWE – Men’s Slopestyle
Aleksi Patja – FIN – Men’s Slopestyle
Torin Yater-Wallace – USA – Men’s Halfpipe
Peter Adam Crook – BVI – Men’s Halfpipe
Torin Yater-Wallace - USA – Men’s Halfpipe
Davina Williams – AUS – Women’s Halfpipe

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