Alaska Black & White

Once the calendar strikes March 1st, I usually get hit by these three realizations: winter is nearly through, fishing/biking/surfing/etc season is almost upon us, and the most important one of all, I have to go to Alaska! It’s that time of the year when your winter can be extended by a few months by heading north to higher latitudes.

It seems that it’s been a weird winter in AK so far, and I’m not all that psyched about the snowpacks. I try to keep a handle on the situation as best I can by following the regional avalanche forecasts and local guides throughout the year and the consensus has been the same throughout, low snow.

Things can change quickly up there, and 4 meters of snow can fall in a hurry, so I’m still optimistic about this spring. I wanted to share some black and white shots from my camping trip last year in the Tordrillo mountains to remind myself and everyone who is thinking about Alaska that the best is still to come. “
cloudy mountain The first morning after a 2 day storm gave us our first chance to see the mountains and start planning some objectives
after determining the snowpack was stable, we started booting straight up lines with minimal trepidation
Neil Provo splitboarding in the Tordrillo Mountains, alaska april 2013
If you look closely, you can see me skiing down one of the main couloirs. This photo was taken from over a mile away by my friend Pep Fujas, who was camped out down glacier from us with another crew. 
ian spine summit
The best feeling in the world for me is looking down on a perfect un-ridden spine after a good climb, knowing that this is my reward for all of the hard work I put in.
ian spine couloir
Watching my brother Neil ride a big spine through my camera lens is another incredible feeling, especially when I’m rewarded with an image like this. 
 - Ian Provo
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