‘B&E Inventational’ – Les Arcs, France

According to Phil Casabon, “We made the ‘B&E Inventational’ because skiing needs a different event, a different format, which doesn’t consist of putting pressure on the skier to perform right then and there. The 2 run format has got to go. We’re trying to make it open relaxed, so it’s not a traditional competition, but more of a fun time” Judging by the droves of spectators, genuinely stoked athletes, and thousands of LIVE Stream viewers, it’s safe to say Phil and Henrik accomplished their goal.

The contest was a series of open jam-sessions for Best Trick, Best Style, Viewer’s Choice, and the Overall Winner. Athletes could drop at anytime, ski the course at their leisure, and spend entire session slots working on a single feature. At the end of the day, competitors wrote down their favorite skiers for each category – judging one another on style, tricks, and overall impression. Along with their monetary prize, each athlete received a bottle of Harlaut Champagne to celebrate their victory.

We just finished up the first edition of the B&E Inventational, 2014 Les Arcs, France. It was very very awesome. It was beyond our expectations. The course held up super well, conditions were perfect, it was sunny and slushy all day, and everyone skied super well.
- Henrik Harlaut

1st – Torin Yater-Wallace
Best Style – Phil Casabon
Best Trick – Émile Bergeron, Dub cork 7 on the hip
Viewer’s Choice – Candide Thovex

Below are some photos of the event! Enjoy

270 on the hip from Henrik 

_92Q4255Henrik Harlaut 

_92Q4266Dave Crichton is a one of the pioneers of our sport. Despite not skiing park or filming in 11 years, he came out and skied as though he never left. Nicely done DC! 

_92Q4260Torin Yater-Wallace 

_92Q4340Filmer Dan lining up his angle. 

Filmer Daniella lining up her angle

_92Q4403Part of the course from above

_92Q4394Drop zone.

_92Q4466Boarding brah! 

_92Q4497Henrik Harlaut on the drop-in

_92Q4867Torin on the up-rail

_92Q43115 blunt from Phil 

_92Q4296Oscar Harlaut. Flat 3 on the hip.

_92Q4537Spring Break 2014. Aloha. 

_92Q4533Gourmet burgers for lunch? Just another gem from the event staff. 

_92Q4529Across the resort 

_92Q4593This nervous spectator came all the way from Spain to watch Henrik ski. 

_92Q4553Henrik’s 450 on the hip
_92Q4765Snowburn sucks

_92Q47911/5 of the crowd. 

_92Q4819Les Arcs

_92Q4820Les Arcs

_92Q4846Henrik boosting on the hip

Émile Bergeron coming out of his dub cork 7

_92Q4863Explain your line.  

_92Q4872That looks like so much fun. Classic entertainment in the Alps

_92Q4907The Crowd.

_92Q4976We were all just dropping whenever we wanted. There are so many options on a course like this, it’s insane to see what people come up with.  - Torin Yater-Wallace 

_92Q4999Phil & Torin 

_92Q5098The view from the course. 

_92Q5142Harlaut Champagne. Prizes for the top 4 competitors. 

_92Q5204I had a lot of fun skiing this event. Everyone skied so well and every rider deserved the prize. So many amazing skiers were here and I was stoked to be part of this. We all had such a good time. – Émile Bergeron. Winner of the “Best Trick” Competition for a dub cork 7 on the hip. 

_92Q5234Phil Casabon claiming his prize for “Best Style.” So far, Phil as won “Best Style” at Sammy Carlson’s Invitational two years in a row, Best Style at Tanner Hall’s Invitational, as well as numerous other events in the last two years. 

_92Q5280Insane crowd during the award ceremony. 

_92Q5299Phil congratulating Torin on winning the 1st ever ‘B&E’ Inventational

_92Q5351Poppin bottles with B-Dog in celebration of his style victory. 

_92Q5364Dude. it’s the sickest. I can’t even believe I won. I went out today, tried to ski my best, with nothing particular in mind. Skiing with all these sick people was perfect. You feed off them, start throwing new tricks, and go bigger on every hit. Most of all, I’m super fortunate just to have received an invite. It was a real last minute thing. Someone else had dropped out and I ended up getting a spot. To come out like this is the best it could have gone.” – Torin Yater-Wallace, Winner of the Inaugural ‘B&E Inventational’

_92Q5376Torin, Henrik, and Phil with Torin’s massive bottle of Harlaut Champagne

_92Q5383Oscar Harlaut enjoying the spoils of victory 



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