The Tanner Hall Renaissance – by Ian Provo

I first met Tanner at World Mogul camp in whistler sometime around 1997. We were just a couple young campers throwing double twister spreads on our Hart F17’s, but it was clear even at that time that Tanner was on another level. It’s been cool to watch his career develop over the years, and see him transition through many different aspects of skiing. This past season we shared some of the best days of all time, and I got to witness Tanner discover for himself a brand new and exciting aspect of skiing.

Ski touring has become my favorite way to ski, and explore the mountains. I’ve always wanted to bring Tanner along for a tour over the years, but he’s just never been on that program. This year, all of that changed. My brother and I met him in Revelstoke, where he was growing frustrated with snowmobiling into the same areas over and over again for marginal conditions. Neil and I had an epic day of touring on the pass where we found big lines and tons of untracked powder. They next day we invited Tanner to come out with us to experience the quite solitude of ski touring.

We dropped our first run, a 2500′ line complete with spines and pillows stacked so high, that Tanner proclaimed the area the sickest zone he had ever seen. He was completely enthralled by the experience, and exhausted too! From that day on, he hiked back into that zone with his skins and alpine trekkers putting in a solid effort to reach the top of his lines on his own power. Now, I don’t think we’ll see tanner in lycra anytime soon touring on light skis and tech bindings, putting in 10,000 foot days, but I do think he is really on to something. As one of the hardest working skiers I’ve ever met, I have no doubt that he’ll continue progressing as a skier in the mountains.


Ski touring, bagging peaks, and mountaineering are things that require dedication and passion. It’s a good thing that Tanner has infinite passion for skiing, it will certainly help him on the up track.


100 lifetimes of ski touring in the mountains of British Columbia

Our first tour was a good one. Tanner realized that if you put forth lots of effort on the way up, you will be rewarded with a spectacular run, and a feeling of accomplishment unlike any other.

Grinding it out on a chilly day when the temps dropped down well below freezing. Spending hours on the skin track with just your friends, your thoughts, and the mountains, is a big part of the experience.


Hiking from the ground up to sniff out a line he dubbed “the shitcicle”. There’s no heli or sled to take you to the top of this one, only good old fashioned hard work will get you there. This one may have turned out to be a littler gnarlier than he thought!

Words and Photos by Ian Provo