Artist Info

Artist, illustrator and muralist, founder of one of Romania’s first street art collectives, The Playground. His first passion, and the beginning of his artistic career is street art – he drew, painted, pasted all over Romania, starting from the Playground years in Cluj, continuing with Timisoara, Bucharest, and also internationally, in Germany, Denmark, Israel, Thailand, Canada.

In his art, Saddo brings together primitive, tribal elements, with influences from Renaissance, old Flemish Masters and Bosch, in his complex, dark illustrations on paper, or in his colorful paintings on canvas or on pieces of found wood. In some of his recent paintings he explores the presence of animals in different mythologies and legends of the world – from Norse mythology to shamanic rituals from South America – , mixing different influences and meanings into ambiguous, dreamlike scenes populated by hypnotic characters with animal features.

Besides an intense artistic activity and a permanent presence in national and international festivals and art shows in galleries from Bucharest,
Timisoara, Vienna, Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal and many others, Saddo also works as an illustrator and
muralist in collaboration with different agencies like McCann Erickson, Grey, CAP, Graffiti BBDO, for clients like Mountain Dew, Snickers, Burn,
Nestea, Coca Cola, Enel, Eastpak, ING Bank.