Phil Casabon WINNER ***2014 Powder Award Best Jib***

Phil Casabon not only won the 2014 Powder Award for Best Jib, but was also nominated twice for it. These are the shots that he got nominated for, with the quak kink nosepress taking home first prize.

Phil Casabon [FULL SEGMENT] Oil and Water

Mike Hornbeck [FULL SEGMENT] Oil and Water

Mike Hornbeck’s full segment from Armada’s film “Oil and Water”

PARK SEGMENT ft. Phil, Henrik, Kim, Jacob, and Oscar.

Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut, Kim Boberg, Jacob Wester, and Oscar Harlaut went to Klappen Park, Sweden May 2014 for an Armada Park Shoot.

Henrik Harlaut [FULL SEGMENT] Oil & Water

Henrik Harlaut’s Award Winning Segment from Armada Skis “Oil and Water”

**Winner 2014 Powder Awards Best Manmade Air**

Song: PJ’s feat. Raekwon- El Michels Affair
See the whole movie here:

Armada Presents OIL & WATER

‘TWENTY’ TRAILER | Poor Boyz Productions

[TRAILER] Oil&Water

Armada proudly presents “Oil and Water”, a project following the lives of Mike Hornbeck, Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut, Riley Leboe, and Kim Boberg over the span of the 2014 winter season.

Featuring: Mike Hornbeck, Phil Casabon, Riley Leboe Henrik Harlaut, Kim … Continue Reading

Tanner Hall – Stepping into New Territory

The Surf Sanctuary – by Ian Provo

“El Santuario”, a little surf resort less than 500 meters from the vertical waves of playa santana is where I just spent a month with my brothers and our old man. Our oldest brother Justin, now lives in Nicaragua full … Continue Reading