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The Surf Sanctuary – by Ian Provo

“El Santuario”, a little surf resort less than 500 meters from the vertical waves of playa santana is where I just spent a month with my brothers and our old man. Our oldest brother Justin, now lives in Nicaragua full … Continue Reading

Leica M6 x Kodak Cross Processed Film

To shoot poignant pictures we only need follow the path of our enthusiasm . I believe that this feeling is the universe’s way of telling us that we are doing the right thing. The viewing public will always disagree over … Continue Reading

Alaska Black & White

Once the calendar strikes March 1st, I usually get hit by these three realizations: winter is nearly through, fishing/biking/surfing/etc season is almost upon us, and the most important one of all, I have to go to Alaska! It’s that time … Continue Reading

The Fantasy Land of Retallack Lodge, BC

About 5 years ago is when I had my introduction to Retallack. Riley Leboe, Chris O’Connell and myself spent a few days there shooting photos in a puking snow storm. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed a few blue bird days, … Continue Reading

From Nelson 2 Revelstoke

For one reason or another, half our team decided to post up around Interior BC this winter. From Retallack to Revelstoke, members of our crew have been scoping lines around the interior for the better part of 6 weeks. Right … Continue Reading


Words and Photos by Ian Provo

Last spring, I was eager to plan a month long trip to Alaska for my second visit, to try and score some of those legendary lines I didn’t get the year before. A plan was … Continue Reading

"how did I get here…."

“how did I get here?”

I asked myself this question numerous times throughout the trip. I know the answers well enough, and each time I was amazed when I reminded myself how and why. Skiing has taken me far. Far into … Continue Reading

The "Funnest" Place on Earth

Your eyes slowly put the room in focus. The only thing more abrasive than your alarm is the smell of unwashed hotel sheets pouring into your nostrils. It’s 6am and nothing sounds more appealing than washing the oppressive Oregon humidity … Continue Reading