Welcome to Armada Skis Inc.

An idea hatched over a few beers between the world’s greatest skiers, Armada is no longer a suggestion of what a ski company should be. Today, Armada is distributed globally in 40 nations and embodies the cutting edge of the sport: athlete driven, design obsessed, and technologically superior.


Our independence allows for a single-minded focus on the product, assuring that the skis and apparel always meet the needs of an elite team of riders who know what works. Skiers the world over who demand the best demand Armada.


Armada is a family of athletes, artists, designers, and engineers that didn’t just push the envelope—we blew it wide open. And the industry is scrambling to catch up.


We are Armada. We are what skiing will become.




1987 Placentia Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
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Armada Skis GmbH
Feldstrasse 1b, Top 36
6020 Innsbruck, Austria
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