How can I receive Armada stickers?
To receive stickers in the U.S. or Canada, please send $1 USD and a S.A.S.E. (self-addressed, stamped envelope) to:


Armada Skis

Attn: Stickers

1987 Placentia Ave.

Costa Mesa, California 92627


Additional goodies such as a drawing, poem, photo, story, etc. are always appreciated (and will earn you more stickers). If your submission really wows us, your work could be immortalized on our office “Wall of Fame” for all to see.


Requests may take up to a few months to process, so please be patient. Please do not email or call about pending sticker requests.


If you are requesting stickers from outside the U.S. or Canada, send an email to info@armadaskis.com and we’ll direct you to the proper contact for your territory.



How do I apply for Armada sponsorship?
Armada was co-founded by 5 of the best skiers in the world. As such, we have very high standards for the caliber of athletes we sponsor. However, if you think you have what it takes, please submit your edit to sponsorship@armadaskis.com. Additionally, attaching a resume/cover letter summarizing recent contest results, video views, magazine exposure, relevant work experience, etc. is highly recommended.


Please do not email or call about sponsorship submissions. If we’re interested, you’ll be hearing from us.


Are you guys hiring?
When and if we are looking to hire, openings are typically posted to Malakye.com.


Internships are offered on an as-needed basis at our Costa Mesa, CA or Innsbruck, AT offices. For internship consideration, send your resume/CV to internships@armadaskis.com.


I work as a full-time mountain employee, am I eligible for a proform?


Full-time instructor/patrollers are eligible for a discount on Armada gear.


To qualify, bring your employment credentials such as a recent paystub, instructor/patroller certification, etc. to your local Armada dealer where they will verify your eligibility. Once approved, the shop will work with you to place your proform order.


How does the Armada warranty process work?
Before initiating any potential warranty claims, please read Armada’s Warranty Policy.


Armada’s warranty policy applies only to products purchased from authorized dealers (eBay is NOT an authorized Armada dealer) and is valid for the original purchaser only.


Warranty claims are to be made through the authorized Armada dealer where product was purchased. The dealer will initiate the warranty process and ship the product to Armada, if necessary.


If product was purchased online, you may contact our warranty department. Typically, we’ll ask for proof of purchase and several photos of the affected area(s). Upon reviewing the photos, we will issue a Return Authorization Number (RA#) if necessary.


If product is received without a RA# or if product is deemed un-warrantable, cost of shipping to return product will be the responsibility of the customer.


Armada Online Store
I want to place an order through Armada’s online store, how does it work?
Armada’s online stores are powered by Shopatron, an e-commerce platform that funnels orders to our network of specialty dealers for fulfillment.


When an order is placed on our site, Shopatron automatically searches for the shop closest to you with the product in stock, and will then process your order.


In the rare event the order can’t be processed by one of our specialty dealers, Armada will ship the items from our headquarters.


All order and shipping confirmations are processed through Shopatron. To initiate a return, cancel an order, or check order status, simply log into your Shopatron account.


I need to return a product I ordered from the Armada online store, how does it work?
All returns are processed by the Shopatron platform. Please reference the paperwork included with your order for return instructions, or contact Shopatron:


Shopatron Customer Service

Phone: (877) 412-7467


Technical Product Info

Where should I mount my bindings?
All of our skis come marked with a factory recommended mounting line on the center detail of each ski. We do exhaustive testing with every new model to fine tune the mounting location to where each ski will perform best. As such, if you are unsure of where to mount your skis, the factory recommended position is a good choice.


A list of factory recommended mounting positions for each model and length is available in our mounting guide.


What size ski is right for me?


Sizing skis has changed drastically over the last 10 years and remains very much a matter of personal preference. For a general idea, please visit our sizing chart or visit your local Armada authorized dealer for a more personalized consultation.


What is the Armada Step Drill Bit? What are the benefits? Can I have a non-Armada dealer mount my skis?


A few years ago, our head of R&D developed a tapered drill bit for use when mounting bindings. All Armada dealers have access to these bits and are encouraged to use them as binding retention increases up to 20% when using the Armada bit.


While some non-Armada dealers have purchased our step drill bit since its release, it’s best to confirm the technician will use our drill bit when seeking mount work at a non-Armada dealer.


What are the edge bevels for Armada’s skis?
Our skis arrive to retailers with a 1-degree base edge and 1-degree side edge bevel.


Where can I find more information about Armada’s various camber profiles, cores and ski construction?
To learn more about Armada’s technical features, visit our ski tech page.