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The "Funnest" Place on Earth

Your eyes slowly put the room in focus. The only thing more abrasive than your alarm is the smell of unwashed hotel sheets pouring into your nostrils. It’s 6am and nothing sounds more appealing than washing the oppressive Oregon humidity … Continue Reading


From the Armada Art, Photo, and Video Archives. Past, Present, and Future. Armada visual stimulation.

One Sunny Day at Boreal Mountain Resort

“This is my absolute favorite park in the universe” exclaimed Bro Bomb’s Ryan Dunfee. Our conversation stopped as Phil Casabon and Brady Perron follow each other on a 10 feature rail line that was too complex to process while talking. For … Continue Reading

Downdays at Woodward Tahoe

While Brady went up and spun lap after lap in a snowy Boreal park, B-Dog and the rest of the crew decided to take a much needed downday at Woodward. Home of a diverse network of trampolines, foam pits, skatelite, … Continue Reading

The Tanner Hall Invitational

Aside from abnormally warm temps and inclement weather; the athletes that Tanner assembled put on one of the most amazing shows that a competition could ever hope for. Amidst alternating sun and clouds; the athletes found new transitions, sent massive airs over the entire feature, and … Continue Reading

The Build Process: Tanner Hall Invitational

Working with 2 – 3 snow cats, multiple shapers, and members of the Sierra at Tahoe park crew; SPT has been working round the clock to construct a massive feature for Tanner’s invitational. Despite 36 hours of rain, severe fog, and overcast … Continue Reading