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SNOWCIETIES Episode 3: Riksgränsen

It was 1998 in Riksgränsen, Sweden when the seeds of Armada were planted at a small event that reimagined skiing and changed it forever. Armada co-founders JP Auclair and Chris O’Connell met for the first time and as OC recalls, “It … Continue Reading

SNOWCIETIES Episode 2: Sapporo

Over 15 feet of snowfall? That’s just an average winter for the two million inhabitants of Sapporo, Japan – perhaps the snowiest metropolis on Earth. In SNOWCIETIES Episode 2, AR Family members Phil Casabon, Mike Hornbeck, Kim Boberg and Riley Leboe explore how … Continue Reading

SNOWCIETIES Episode 1: Michigan

Mike Hornbeck has moved back home to Michigan for good, a spot not typically known as a skiing mecca but as Mike says, “You can ski anywhere and do it creatively, and make it fun.” With massive snowfall the past few years rivaling … Continue Reading

Snowcieties: Trailer

Over the course of this season, we are proud to present our newest web series, “Snowcieties.” Follow the Armada family as we travel around the globe in search of communities and cultures that live and thrive under some of the … Continue Reading

Awards – The JP Memorial

13, The Game, Propaganda, Happy Days – all played back to back in a room full of incredible skiers. For Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, and Jacob Wester, these films helped spark their passion for the sport. Julien Regnier sat next … Continue Reading

Riksgränsen [RAW]

A raw compilation of footage from Riksgränsen, Sweden May, 2014.

Thanks to Riksgränsen Resort for the hospitality.

Music by Darkside