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Boreal Mtn Resort / Woodward Tahoe

The morning after Tanner’s event, the crew ventured to Boreal Mountain Resort for the 1st annual Armada S.O.S. (Style on Snow) event. Hosted by our California rep and former pro skier Mike Laroche, the event brought in local kids from … Continue Reading

The Tanner Hall Invitational

Aside from abnormally warm temps and inclement weather; the athletes that Tanner assembled put on one of the most amazing shows that a competition could ever hope for. Amidst alternating sun and clouds; the athletes found new transitions, sent massive airs over the entire feature, and … Continue Reading

Photo of the Week

Sean Logan
Photo: Chris O’Connell
Location: June Mountain, CA / 2010

ARcast Early Season: RESURRECTED

“RESURRECTED” Part 1 of the ARcast Early Season Series.

Phil Casabon puts on a style clinic during the waking hours of Mammoth Mountain’s opening week.

Phil Casabon
Sean Logan
Maude Raymond

Film & Edit: Corey Stanton
Motion Graphics: Matt Hobbs

Song: House of Pain- Back from the … Continue Reading

Armada Team Meeting

Skating, music, go-karting, pole dancing, partying, tasty waves, and the Armada team… just a few highlights from our 2011 team meeting. Featuring JP Auclair, Tanner Hall, Jacob Wester, Phil Casabon, Torin Yater-Wallace, Riley Leboe, Gus Kenworthy, Mike Hornbeck, Dania Assaly, … Continue Reading