Henrik Harlaut


NAME:  Henrik Harlaut
D.O.B:  August, 14 1991
SUMMER HOME:  Boussagues, France
WINTER HOME:  Mammoth Mtn., California and Are, Sweden

Phil, Paul, Brady, and me are all putting together a movie this year. It’s just a season recap. The movie is going to be called “Let it Flow” and it’s going to be sold on iTunes on the 26th of October. The name “Let it Flow” comes from a charity that provides safe, clean drinking water to underprivileged areas. It’s going to be sold for 4.99 on iTunes fully benefiting the charity. I’m stoked to put money into helping people.


It’s been a sick year. I had so much fun. I was kind of bummed at one point. After last year when I had my best segment I had. This year, I didn’t know if I could follow that up with doing so many contests.


We went to 50 resorts in 56 days for the demo tour. That’s a lot of skiing. We really only spent one day at each spot, which is crazy. Usually, it takes me 3 days to get into it and get used to the park and be able to film and do things I consider progressive. It helped me get good at features in a few hours of sessioning. It was fun.


Kids were really hyped we did the tour. I still get messages and meet people at summer camps that are so psyched. They keep asking our plans for next year, seeing if we’re going to hit their mountain – it was really good. It was such a good experience and memories to look back on. With the crew, traveling was easy because they’re all my favorites to hang out with and ski with. It was a different experience in life and it was cool to do that for the year.


The Al Dente helped expand what I do. The ski isn’t a cheat. People can’t get the ski and automatically do perfect nose-butter doubles lets say. But, when you have the skills, the ski helps the techniques of doing these things. It’s a helper. It worked out so good for me. I didn’t ski any other ski the whole season. I hit backcountry, skied pipe, skied slopestyle and big air contests, slush booters – all of it on the same ski and it’s so good. For how stable it is under foot to the softness tip and tail, it’s a crazy good ski. It was ill to spend time on it.


I’m stoked and thankful to be able to ski, so whenever I have the chance to travel and go see different places, I’m skiing, having fun, and that’s all it is. You can get kind of burnt out, but I don’t really do it. Later in life, I probably won’t be traveling as much. I’ll have time to be home. I definitely miss home sometimes because all the friends and family over there, but I’m having a crazy good time and a blast doing what I do right now.


I want to keep skiing and having fun with the biggest smile. I want to go to the Olympics this year, go wild, ski as good as I can, and then go out – take two years off competitions, go film, have fun, and ski with my friends.


A lot people give me inspiration. Mostly these days, I go back through movies form the early days of skiing: Propaganda, Happy Days, Royalty and all these films. Since I’m skiing now with Paul and Phil, that’s basically where my inspiration comes from. We’re on the same program and I get so stoked watching those guys ski.


Korea was CRAZY! It was fun. I had never skied in Asia before. It was exciting, very different, and fun. The vibe, the crew, being there with Armada. Torin, me, Phil, and Hornbeck made a good crew. Some things we weren’t allowed at all to ski or even hike outside the terrain of the hill. They’re so respectful of authority. Once Phil and me would go outside the fences, they would go wild on us.


We ski things that we aren’t really supposed to. That’s the fun in urban skiing. You’re not supposed to hit hand rails and concrete ledges. In Korea, they were so surprised. Onw we skied. It was sick to see, the food was crazy, the people were crazy, it was very different. The trip was such a cool experience. I’m all about doing cultural trips like that.


The Worldcup in Ushuaia, Argentina felt like I was back in 2001. Park was sick, but it was so far behind in progression. The jumps were so small; it was funny! I loved it though. They were small, you couldn’t carve, but I was all about it. I’m stoked to go to different places for different reasons.


I definitely try to have a positive influence on kids. I want to show them how happy you can be. If you’re doing crazy tricks, no tricks, you can still be smiling as much as me, just being on snow with your friends. I want to show people that. I like to make people happy.


I worked so hard when I was young. Hiking backyard set-ups for hours and hours every single day. It’s sick putting so much work and effort into what I really love. To have made it to where I am, I can ski every single day, everywhere I want. That’s what I’m most proud of. I made it all the way here and I’m surrounding by this many good people. It’s cool. I’m so appreciative of it all.


When I was around 14 or 15, the Swedish people didn’t dig my style at all. I couldn’t get into a lot of contests even if I had better results than the other skiers. Everyone would tell me that my style of dress wasn’t right for a Swedish guy. But I’m thankful for my family for being so open and so cool letting me choose that lifestyle. That was what I wanted to show in my skiing. My father was a big influence and letting me know how to be patient and knowing it will all come around. It was good in a way. I had to prove I was a good skier and show everyone that I can be however I want and still get respect.


Bringing some funk into non-skiing is awesome. I like having crazy style. I don’t care at all if it’s this or that, as long as it’s funny to wear; I’ll rock it. I like making a joke out of it. It puts all my friends and myself an extra big smile when I wear something crazy.


I love going into airport lounges when everybody is sitting there in a suit and tie, and I’m rolling in in big sweatpants and a big hoody and everyone is looking at me like, “how the hell did he get here?”


The priority check-in is funny too. I have crazy clothing, dreads, and everyone in line is staring at me like I’m nuts. It’s sick. My first overseas first-class flight happened this year from Berlin to Vancouver. The airline upgraded me for free. It was super fun. I wasn’t experienced with the new and crazy things you can do in first class. Even with your chair, you can tilt your chair exactly like you want. You can put your bed flat, but I didn’t even feel like sleeping, because I wanted to enjoy it. I don’t know how many times I’ll get to do that. I could plug in my computer, get a menu for food with 3 different options, they walk around every five minutes with water and juice – I couldn’t believe it.


Skateboarding, movies, editing – are big parts of my life too. It’s all fun. I edited my whole segment for “Let it Flow” myself. I’m hyped on it.


Ever since Dew tour in Breck I really figured out how to get on my noses and shoot the nose butter into a double. It’s all about the takeoff. I don’t really think about the flips – I just think about being patient and proper. You can’t really fake it. You have to get on your noses so you don’t catch. I’m always super patient with the takeoff. In Breck, it was the biggest jump I ever done nosebutters on and it felt so easy. I thought I could put another cork 3 in there. On the tour, I remember telling everyone that I wanted to win X-Games big air. If it came down to me being in a good spot and I can make some changes, then I’m gonna try a nosebutter triple. I asked Phil what he thought and he said how much faith he had in my to make it ill. That was cool to hear. Phil’s so core and so real about it. He pushes skills, techniques and knowledge rather than acrobatics. It was sick to have a person like that telling me to go do it. With being on the tour, traveling so much gave me time to think about it. A lot of my thoughts were focused on X-Games at the time – thinking about what I wanted to create


When I was really young, one of my biggest goals was to grab a medal at X-Games. Lately, I had two years when I started going away from that goal. I wasn’t bummed at all because I was having so much fun skiing, but it felt like competition skiing and I were going different directions. I had problems with competitions for a while. Sometimes I thought I would get underscored, it was harsh to take. Everything comes and goes in waves. My father was telling me to stay in for one more year and see what happens. If it was still the same, then walk away and go film. But he had a feeling it was all gonna change. Then it did basically. Then came a season of super good contests.


Getting 2nd in Argentina was a big turning point. That was the first time I had a slope style podium in 3 years or something like that. I was like “HOLY. This is so tight for me.” Then I went to Zurich, won that, went to IF3, won skier of the year, and my confidence continued to build. Then going over to London, and won there. I was like “WHOA. Let’s try and make a season like this. Stay healthy, injury free, and just keep going.


Everybody always tells me not to be too stressed and that contests aren’t really fun, but I always am having at contests. It’s skiing in general, it’s always fun. The only thing I wish now would be to just have Phil around at the events. I wish we could practice together because we always help each other while skiing.


Phil is a really wise man. I think his style comes from being so smart and unique. He’s so creative with his own imagination. He knows what he wants to create and is so good at creating that on skis. He’s crazy good.


After the Olympics, I want to make something crazy. I know I have potential to make a crazy segment, but I don’t have time to do that right now. I want to spend a full year and do that one thing.




• 1st Winter X-Games Big Air, Aspen, CO
• 2nd Winter X-Games Slopestyle, Aspen, CO
• 2nd JOI Big Air. Are, Sweden
• 3rd WSI. Big Air. Whistler, BC
• 1st Freestyle.CH Big Air. Zurich, Switzerland



• 1st Freestyle CH Big Air, Zurich, Switzerland
• 1st London Freeze, Big Air London, England
• 2nd World Cup Slopestyle. Ushuaia, Argentina
• 3rd Winter Dew Tour Big Air, Breckenridge, CO
• 3rd Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle, Breckenridge, CO


• 1st – LA Session Les Arc Big Air
• 1st – Skier of the Year World Freeskier.com


• 2nd – AFP Season Ranking Big
• 2nd – WSI Big Air


• 1st – Freestyle.ch Big Air
• 3rd – Relentless Freeze Festival Big Air


• 1st – Freestyle Berlin
• 1st – Nine Knights Big Air
• 1st – Nine Knights Rail Jam
• 1st – Aspen Open Slopestyle
• 1st – European Open Slopestyle
• 2nd – AFP World Ranking Slopestyle
• 2nd – Jon Olsson Super Session Film Competition (Team Euro)
• 3rd – New Zealand Open Slopestyle


• 1st – Swedish Junior Championships Big Air
•1st – Nine Knights Big Air / rail
• 1st – Saas-fee Ride Big Air
• 1st – Ostersund Rail Jam
• 1st – The London Ride Big Air
• 1st – Monster Park Big Air
• 2nd – Nordic Slopestyle Championships Slopestyle
• 3rd – Dew Tour-Breckenridge Slopestyle
• 3rd – NS Picnic Big Air


• 1st – Saas-fee Ride Big Air
• 1st – Ostersund rail jam Rail Jam
• 1st – Kungstradgarden Rail Jam
• 1st – Monster Park Rail Jam
• 1st – Brussels Winter Show Hip
• 2nd – The London Ride ¼ Pipe

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