Torin Yater-Wallace


NAME:  Torin Yater-Wallace
D.O.B:  12/2/1995


Between traveling and events, I usually just go home and ski the park. I try and film as much as possible, but I really don’t have free time during the winter. I had one week this year, but I was pretty beat from all the traveling and competing so I just stayed home and rode the park. I ride, ski around, and have fun – not too much seriousness, just chill, hopefully have time for a full segment next year.


I was filming with Level 1 this year. I didn’t get to go on many trips, so I’ll just have footage during springs shoots.


Sochi Russia was one of the crazier experiences I’ve been through. It’s ½ built, not ready for the Olympics. It’s humid up on the mountain maybe 45 / 50 and rainy while we were there. Pipe was mashed potatoes. Hopefully by next year they’ll have it more dialed and put together. It worked out in the end though.


The US Team has been fun. They have team camps, lodging, coaching, and really put a lot into helping us progress. I really appreciate those aspects. It is getting more serious; I’m not really into that aspect. I try to chill, keep it on the fun side, and film. The Olympics will be a sick opportunity, so I’m game for both sides of it and try to keep things balanced.


Korea was sick. It was really fun and a whole different experience. They’re young in the world of Freeskiing and the parks aren’t as developed, but skiing there is pretty fun.  it was  a cool time. I hadn’t really hung out with Henrik and Phil too much, but that was great. Those guys are such characters. It’s awesome spending time with them off the mountain too. They’re so motivated to hit urban features and keep skiing.


They’re really intimidated by authority, so they are very hesitant watching us ski there. One time, we hiked up the hill to get speed for a quarter pipe feature on the side of an igloo. They were fine with us hitting the igloo, but very concerned about seeing us ski down a groomed run. The food was sweet. There was Korean BBQ a lot, which everyone cooks on little hot plates on the table. It’s really nice.


I don’t balance my professional career and normal life too well. ¾ of the year I’m doing ski stuff, maybe ¼ or less I get home to hang with friends. I kind of miss high school and teenage life, but the places I go and things I do definitely overpower what I would do as a high school student. I go back in the summer, hang with friends, but I mostly hang out with people I’ve met through skiing. You’re traveling with the same people and naturally become friends with them.


Sometimes I miss being home. Being on the road so long, you get sick, then you’re sore, worn out and you’re completely over it, but there’s only a few days off between events. Those are the days when you just want to be home in your own bed. That doesn’t happen to often and you just power through and know it’s completely worth it.


I went to Europe four times this year and did a loop around the world. My loop around the world involved Park City, San Francisco, Seoul, Korea, Munich, Germany, Oslo, Norway, then Back to Salt Lake. That took about two and an half weeks. There wasn’t much time at each place at all.


My whole career happened around the Gatorade freeflow tour. I won that event in Vermont and was pre-qualified for the Dew Tour. Their motto was “go from flow to pro” so I guess it kind of worked out. That summer, my coach told me that Armada was looking for some new younger guys, so I went to New Zealand for the first time with the team, shot photos for the catalog, and saw all of next year’s stuff. It was crazy down there, super fun to meet people from the company and be on a shoot like that. From there, I got 5th at the Dew Tour and managed to get a spot in X. That was my first time at X-games, I medaled there, had a few other podiums throughout the season including European X-Games, picked up Target, Electric, and a few other sponsors and kept things rolling into the next season.


Last fall, I had to get shoulder surgery because I kept dislocating my right shoulder. It was a sublux, so It would pop ½ way out and go back in. It was a four-month recovery, so I did school out in Park City, UT rehabbed, and got a place there. It was my first time living alone, but it was fun doing new things.


Practice at JOI was the best session of my life. You have so much airtime and a long landing to play with. I didn’t do well in the contest, but that practice session was a great experience. It’s a legendary event to be at. I’ve watched it my whole life and I loved skiing in Are. It’s crazy there. The town goes off.


Way too big tall-ts have always been the worst trend. Re-directs might be the worst trends too. They’re sick, but when your whole segment is just a bunch of wall redirect transitions from mini rails, that’s just stupid. You have to mix it up a little and show you can do more.


Down the pipe double flat 9 – double Michalchuk 9, was probably the trick I worked the hardest on. I learned it at the US team camp in Mammoth last year. They had an airbag setup and I did 15 or more, then a ton of singles, and sent it. It was real scary, but it came to my feet. I was so thankful, then did a few more.


Armada has always been the sickest company. That’s my favorite part. There’s a select few companies doing it right and Armada is up there. It’s not a race or all around ski company trying to carve out a section of the market. It’s a company founded on park skiing . it’s a badass company. Good quality stuff but they represent the competition and non-competition style of skiing. They keep it sick. It’s underground and people love what they’re doing.



2nd Winter X-Games Aspen, CO

2nd US Grand Prix Park City, UT
1st Olympic Test Event Sochi, Russia
2nd FIS World Championships Voss, Norway
1st Winter X-Games Europe Tignes France


1st NZ Winter Games Snowpark, NZ
2nd NZ Freeski Open Candrona, NZ

3rd Winter Dew Tour Ogden, UT

1st Winter Dew Tour, Killington, VT
2nd Winter Dew Tour Overall

3rd Winter X-Games Aspen, CO

1st Winter X-Games Europe Tignes, FR


2nd Winter X-Games Aspen

3rd Winter X-Games Europe, Tignes, France

2nnd Grand Prix Copper, CO


‘Sunny’ – Level 1 Productions

‘Attack of La Nina’ – Matchstick Productions

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