Henrik Harlaut

NAME:  Henrik Harlaut
D.O.B:  August, 14 1991
SUMMER HOME:  Boussagues, France
WINTER HOME:  Åre, Sweden

Growing up in Åre definitely helped a lot. I was living next to a big nice mountain and was able to ski everyday in a very very good park. Good mountain for just all around skiing too – it was awesome. Being surrounded so many friends that skied as well….that was good.

It wasn’t always the nicest weather. Early season, it’s always dark, icy, and cold. It made me ski through gnarly conditions and not always the most perfect. Also in the late season, it was always very nice and soft.

My Mom and Dad got me into skiing. They were both big ski fans. Also, my two older brothers did a bunch of skiing. We would go down to the alps when I was really young. I lived in Stockholm until I was 9 years old. During all our vacations, we would go up to Åre and ski. They definitely inspired me and put me on the skis at an early age.

When I lived in Stockholm, we didn’t really have a park. We only had one jump. When I moved up to Åre, we would ski the skiercross hill with berm turns and small jumps. One day, I got brought to the terrain park, the “Snowboard Land” as it was called at that time. I saw the jumps and I thought it was awesome with a whole slope with only jumps built for you. I saw a bunch of people do cool tricks and it looked really fun and really sick. So I was hoping one day I could learn that.

In my backyard in Åre, my two bothers and me would always build a jump. It was a perfect little pitch of a hill to flat – so it was great for speed. I spent so many hours out there. It was sick to look back at that. My first switch 5 was in my backyard.

RedBull Big Air. That’s when I got to see some of the best skiers in the world. I got to see all the different styles and how sick it was. It looked so free, the whole sport and everything about it. I saw Mickael Deschenaux doing huge rodeo 7s and Jon Olsson, doing some cork 9s. It was awesome.

I signed with Armada in 2011 in the fall. I always loved the company, ever since it came out. I thought it was really, really nice. It was owned by people that I thought were pushing it the right way for skiing. I saw the family since I know a bunch of people involved and it was a good opportunity. I always wanted to have pro-model gear, so I knew with Armada that it’s smaller, and owned by the right people, there would be more of a chance for that. I was stoked to join the family and be part of it all.

The Armada team definitely has a very big influence on me.  Everything from the original team to now, it’s most of my favorite skier’s out there are all on it. It’s awesome to see them ski the way they do. So different from each other, but it’s the sickest team in the industry, at least it’s my favorite. Everyone definitely inspired me a bunch.

The whole idea for the Al Dente came from riding the ARV ski in the 2011/2012 season. It was surprising for me. I never really got into soft or wide skis before the ARV. In the past, I was always riding traditional skis with traditional flexes and shapes. Brady Perron told me about the ARV, that it was his favorite in the line and I should try it out. Feeling the flex of the ski at the office got me thinking, all the presses I could do, and how much better I could do them with a soft ski. Skiing on them the whole year, doing a bunch of butters and presses and everything. I got convinced in a way that I could ride a soft ski for everything. I got better pop off my butters and everything. Going in to design the Al Dente, we took my feelings from the ARV and made it even better for my ski. The early rise, half cap sidewall, and flex – all were upgrades from that original ARV. I’m so stoked on it. It worked out perfect everywhere.

The Al Dente allowed me to do pretty much everything I wanted. It allowed me to go ski anywhere and everywhere on one ski. As far as tricks, it helped me a bunch during X-Games when I did my first nose butter triple. I got on the nose, and it shot me away. It helped all my skiing to get to the point where I want it to be.

When I was 13, Mikael told me something that I will always remember. ‘A contest is a contest and filming is filming’ I always thought about that when I was going to do something that isn’t really my own preferential choice of doing, but it will put me up there even higher, or even win the contest. I always think about that, when he told me to separate the two. When I film, I keep it to my film tricks, and when I compete, I compete.

It was definitely amazing with me coming with a thought, giving it to Armada, and they produced that ski even better than I expected. I thought the ARV was as good as it gets. Then the Al Dente samples came in and it was crazy. It changed everything for me. I couldn’t believe how much better my ski was.

My favorite thing to do in the whole world is to ski. It’s where I have the most fun, the most freedom, everything basically. Skiing is my life. It’s all I study. I live and die for skiing. It’s all I do.

I’m into a lot of sports, activities. Skateboarding, hockey, soccer. I don’t like chilling or sitting at the computer. I like doing stuff.

There is always something new to learn. Either a trick, a new mountain to discover, the snow conditions or anything. It’s so amazing to learn something new everyday. It keeps getting more and more fun because I’m getting better and better at it. Everything is skiing for me.

All my dedication, my effort in my life, goes all into skiing. That’s the most fun thing I know in this life and really, really love doing it. I feel like it’s awesome putting all my effort and energy into the thing I love the most. Skiing is basically everything for me in my life. I’m out skiing, skiing all day, then I go back home and I watch skiing, I edit skiing of myself. Everything has something to do with skiing for the most part.

Lately, I’ve been having lucid dreams about skiing, where I can control them, and I start flying. I find small transitions that I dip down into and keep trying new tricks. I’m able to control my skiing within the dream. It’s sick to be able to control your dreams like that.

I feel like I am the luckiest person ever to be able to ski always. It’s what I love. I could never take for granted anything and I’m so appreciative and so happy for every moment I get to ski. It’s amazing how everything has turned out. I’m very lucky and thankful for all that.


  • 1st Winter X-Games Big Air, Aspen, CO


  • 1st Winter X-Games Big Air, Aspen, CO
  • 2nd Winter X-Games Slopestyle, Aspen, CO
  • 2nd JOI Big Air. Are, Sweden
  • 3rd WSI. Big Air. Whistler, BC


  • 1st Freestyle CH Big Air, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 1st London Freeze, Big Air London, England
  • 2nd World Cup Slopestyle. Ushuaia, Argentina
  • 3rd Winter Dew Tour Big Air, Breckenridge, CO
  • 3rd Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle, Breckenridge, CO


  • 1st – LA Session Les Arc Big Air
  • 1st – Skier of the Year World Freeskier.com


  • 2nd – AFP Season Ranking Big
  • 2nd – WSI Big Air


  • 1st – Freestyle.ch Big Air
  • 3rd – Relentless Freeze Festival Big Air


  • 1st – Freestyle.ch – Berlin Big Air
  • 1st – Nine Knights Big Air
  • 1st – Nine Knights Rail Jam
  • 1st – Aspen Open Slopestyle
  • 1st – European Open Slopestyle
  • 2nd – AFP World Ranking Slopestyle
  • 2nd – Jon Olsson Super Session Film Competition (Team Euro)
  • 3rd – New Zealand Open Slopestyle


  • 1st – Swedish Junior Championships Big Air
  • 1st – Nine Knights Big Air / rail
  • 1st – Saas-fee Ride Big Air
  • 1st – Ostersund Rail Jam
  • 1st – The London Ride Big Air
  • 1st – Monster Park Big Air
  • 2nd – Nordic Slopestyle Championships Slopestyle
  • 3rd – Dew Tour-Breckenridge Slopestyle
  • 3rd – NS Picnic Big Air


  • 1st – Saas-fee Ride Big Air
  • 1st – Ostersund rail jam Rail Jam
  • 1st – Kungstradgarden Rail Jam
  • 1st – Monster Park Rail Jam
  • 1st – Brussels Winter Show Hip
  • 2nd – The London Ride ¼ Pipe

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