Torin Yater-Wallace

NAME:  Torin Yater-Wallace
D.O.B:  12/2/1995

I grew up in Aspen, Colorado. Started skiing when I was 2 years old. There was a lot of focus on freestyle here. Everyone else was skiing, so I was down with that. X-Games is in Aspen every year. That turned me on to skiing and competitive skiing in general. The town secluded from the big world. All I did was skate all summer and ski all winter. I was pretty spoiled to have that.

Right now, it means a lot to be part of the Armada team, probably more than ever. I was always just a skier, a kid, stoked on all companies. If they had sick graphics, I was into the company. I have such a different perspective on companies now. I really like how Armada does their stuff. Where we came form, where our roots are, how it all started, I value and appreciate it. With Tanner, Jacob, Phil, and Henrik, Hornbeck – everyone is on a sick lineup. I don’t want to be anywhere else.

I joined Armada when I was 14, summer of 2010. I just got back from Mt. Hood, had a sick trip out there. I got a sweet offer from Armada and joined them in New Zealand that year. I did the Dew Tour that season, placed 5th, got an X-Games invite, went on to medal in that event and the rest is history. To have the support from Armada behind me compared to years before was sick. This will be my 5th year coming up, so it’s pretty crazy. Time flies. It seems like yesterday that it all happened.

The Pipe Cleaner is my favorite ski in the line. I’ve grown up watching Tanner skiing the pipe cleaner and all these other dudes in X-Games. It has the most X-Games medals of any ski, and it’s the most winningest ski in freeskiing history. There’s so much work put into that specific ski. I feel like it’s perfected. I like riding it a lot outside of the pipe because it’s a lot softer than some of the other normal cambered skis. I think that’s pretty sick. Even though it is branded as the pipe cleaner, it changed my life, I’ve gotten 6 X-Games medals with that ski, and it helped me out so much with my pipe skiing. Every single podium picture I’ve ever been in is holding that ski. Being on the podium is a reward from the energy used to make such a good pipe ski. It’s the jam. By far my favorite ski in and out of the pipe.

Since the first year I rode on the pipe cleaner until now, we’ve made some changes in the ski. I’ve been lucky enough to have some input in those and it’s so rad. I’ve grown to build a bigger spot on the team for myself. There wasn’t too much expected of me. I just got signed, ended up skiing pipe, and doing well with these skis. Tanner was such a star of pipe and riding Armada, it’s crazy having input on a ski he helped build. It’s an athlete-developed company, and now my input is coming to life in the products.

I’ve been forced to grow up in the ski industry. I think it’s really cool. I’ve had to become a young adult at such a young age. Whether that’s with traveling alone, or having a full time job while in high school. The ski industry is pretty crazy is some ways. All these older people that I’m with, I’ve seen the bad influences, I’m aware of them, but it’s important to keep your cool. I realize I’ve had to mature a lot quicker than I would have expected. I’ve seen some pretty crazy. Traveling around, the cultures that I get to see…… Going to Korea, Russia, Turkey. Those places are crazy.

I support my Mom and my sister. Being so young, it feels really cool to be able to do that. Helping my sister out with college, or helping my Mom out paying rent. This year, I was able to buy my mom a car, which was a crazy experience. I also moved out on my own this year which was pretty fun. I was challenged with responsibility. It was a lot of work. I didn’t expect that at first. No parents, no rules, that was sick.

I want to ski for as long as possible and be affiliated with skiing for as long as possible. It’s done so much for me, and brought me so many insane places. That was never the main focus; it was always just having fun.  The fact that I was blessed with the skill to make a career out of skiing was pretty sick. I want to give back to the industry and help out kids to give them the same opportunity as me. In that, it would be cool to have a story, or a book about my life. The stuff I’ve seen, the places I’ve been, everything I went through…’s crazy.

Skiing saved my life in the way of having something I was good at that I could really focus on when I was going through tough times with my family. From all the work I put in, how bad I wanted it, I knew I loved skiing and if I could be a professional, that would be cool – but that would have been a bonus. Skiing professionally was never about doing it for money. When that happened, I was really grateful and was really blessed for that. As soon as that happened, it was exactly what I needed. I just needed a little bit of money to go on a few trips so I could prove myself. Prove that I was good at this sport. Once I did that, I could go onto paying for my sister’s college, paying for my Mom’s house, having all these opportunities, so many grateful things in my family and in my life. Everybody has helped me out.  Everyone that I have met, all my friends, the people that I met. It blessed me with some really good friends, family, and memories that I will never really forget. I’m so stoked.


  • 1st – B&E Inventational, Les Arcs, France


  • 2nd Winter X-Games Aspen, CO
  • 2nd US Grand Prix Park City, UT
  • 1st Olympic Test Event Sochi, Russia
  • 2nd FIS World Championships Voss, Norway
  • 1st Winter X-Games Europe Tignes France


  • 1st NZ Winter Games Snowpark, NZ
  • 2nd NZ Freeski Open Candrona, NZ
  • 3rd Winter Dew Tour Ogden, UT
  • 1st Winter Dew Tour, Killington, VT
  • 2nd Winter Dew Tour Overall
  • 3rd Winter X-Games Aspen, CO
  • 1st Winter X-Games Europe Tignes, FR


  • 2nd Winter X-Games Aspen
  • 3rd Winter X-Games Europe, Tignes, France
  • 2nd Grand Prix Copper, CO

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‘Partly Cloudy’ Level 1 Productions
‘The Way Up’ Target

‘Sunny’ – Level 1 Productions

‘Attack of La Nina’ – Matchstick Productions