Welcome to AR Family, Sammy C

Sammy Carlson’s skiing thrives on unsurpassed imagination and an intolerance for convention – ideals Armada was founded on. So we’re stoked to announce Sammy C has joining the AR Family team of riders and artists who represent what we are about.

Sammy AR Life Post

After walking away from competition to pursue a new creative outlet for his skiing, Sammy is staking his claim as one of the world’s most talented backcountry skiers, putting together some of the most incredible segments ever captured on film. “Skiing is an art, it’s a lifelong passion,” Sammy told us. “Whatever you do, it’s all about the adventure. Skiing is what you make it.” Hell yeah.

Sammy will continue pushing boundaries on our DeepEST Series skis and in our Vector Series outerwear.


Welcome to the fam, Sammy. Here’s to big things.