This is Armada: Manifesto Behind the Scenes

October 2017, for the first time in a few years we gathered the entire ARfamily in Park City, Utah for a full week. For some it was a short flight, but many flew half way around the world to link up with us in the summer to talk about skiing, new products, and to chill with friends they haven’t seen since the previous winter. “The band’s back together” – Mike Hornbeck.

Don’t get us wrong, we did a lot of work with the crew every day. Talking about new designs for products, what new products they need, and generally gathering input from the whole team to improve the products they use. Athlete driven product is the name of the game, and when the whole team gathers, sparks fly.

The first day of arrival we sent it to the local watering hole, Park City Brewery, for the first sessions of photo shoots. What’s the best part about doing a shoot at a brewery? The beer of course! Kimbo was stoked to get a behind the scenes tour and see how a small American Brewery actually gets down. The good times were flowing.

Besides the “Hard Work” we put these guys through, there’s a lot of fun to be had outside the office. Park City in October isn’t the best place to ski, but there’s more to us than just skiing. We took breaks from the office grind and to rip the PC skate park every day. One night we took the whole crew bowling, and the final night we drove deep into the Uinta Mountains to get away from the city and get down in the wilderness.

Taking the athletes out to the middle of the woods was definitely dope, but what made it even better was our Rep, Ryan More, bringing out his razor for some rallying. Just be careful letting some of these guys drive it around, especially Sammy… he went a little too hard in the paint and flipped it over with Tanner in the passenger seat.

Ultimately we came out of this with stronger connections to our athletes, to ARfamily. We came out with better ideas for products, for videos, and for Armada as a whole. We base almost everything we do around our Athletes, because they are Armada.