L’AR8 est le choix de Torin Yater-Wallace pour le parc et la demi-lune. Avec une cambrure traditionnelle, ses talons rigides te permettront de sortir de la demi-lune et d’atterrir partout dans le parc. S’il convient à Torin, il nous convient aussi.


2.5 Impact Edge
Oversized and specially heat-treated, built to resist impact damage

AR50 Sidewall

Comp Series Base
Armada's Fastest Base

Laminate Matrix
Directional layering of fiberglass dictates flex pattern and torsional rigidity

Positive Camber
Traditional positive camber engages the tip and tail of the ski, enhancing ease of entry in, and exit out, of the turn, while maintaining solid edge hold.

Power-Lite Core
Stability, power and control are paramount in this 100% woodcore enhanced with hardwood stringers. For those looking for the ultimate in smoothness comes the Power-lite Core.