Maude Raymond


D.O.B: August 15
SUMMER HOME:  Whistler BC, Montreal QC
WINTER HOME:  Mammoth Lakes, CA
Years with Armada: 8

Put Maude’s skiing DNA under a microscope and you’ll find an exact match with Armada’s: creativity, style, passion, and love.

In her latest release, This Is Armada: Maude Raymond, Maude expresses just how perfect a fit she is with the AR Fam, “I could finally fit around people that are passionate, creative and could think they way they wanted. And I felt exactly where I should be.”

She goes on to say that her goal is to produce a video that combines the aesthetic side of women and her own personal style with unisex tricks and skiing.

Well, This Is Armada: Maude Raymond has achieved her goal and then some.


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