Finding the Right Outerwear Fit

Not all outerwear fits and sizes are created equal. Find the proper men’s and women’s  outerwear fit that matches your style, and get the right size to match.


Whether you’re looking for a performance-driven cut tested on the spines of AK, a more relaxed fashion-oriented feel for slushy spring laps, or the right thing to dominate après nachos, we’ve got an outerwear fit specifically designed to your style. So we’re making it easier for you to find the right size and fit online, and showing you how to get your measurements dialed to match your favorite Armada fit.



Let’s begin with the Armada FIT styles. Each of our jackets, pants and midlayers are organized into one of a handful of fits, with each fit sharing common characteristics specially designed for a particular type of riding and style preference. Armada fits break down into Tech, Traditional, Moderate Tailored, Slim, Tailored and Team.


Our TECH fit for men’s jackets and pants is one of our most practical styles. With an articulated cut to improve mobility when skiing and hiking, it’s slightly narrower at the hem and the forearm. Our tech fit pants’ articulated cuts provides ease of movement in your legs when skiing and hiking.

mens pants tech fit


TECH Fit pieces include:

MEN’S JACKETS – Balfour GORE-TEX® Jacket; Chapter GORE-TEX® Jacket; Renard Stretch Jacket
MEN’S PANTS – Basin GORE-TEX® Pant; Atlantis GORE-TEX® Pant
WOMEN’S JACKETS – Resolution GORE-TEX® Jacket


Our TRADITIONAL men’s and women’s outerwear & fit is roomier than most other brands’, with a subtle shaping through the leg for a flattering look, comfort and mobility.




   womens traditional fit jacketWPA_traditional

TRADITIONAL Fit pieces include:
MEN’S JACKETS – Mantle Insulated Jacket; Aspect Jacket; Emmett Insulated Jacket
MEN’S PANTS – Union Insulated Pant; Gateway Pant; Shield Sweatpant
WOMEN’S JACKETS – Solstice Insulator; Ruston Flannel Hoodie
WOMEN’S PANTS – Vista GORE-TEX® Pant; Kiska GORE-TEX® Insulated Pant; Lenox Insulated Pant


Our MODERATE TAILORED fit – found in some of our men’s outerwear – features a more modest waist and length, with light tailoring for a trimmer silhouette and additional 1-2″ in length. This more fashion-forward cut is articulated in the knee to optimize mobility.



MODERATE TAILORED Fit pieces include:
MEN’S JACKETS – Lifted GORE-TEX® 3L Jacket; Spearhead Stretch JacketAtka GORE-TEX® Insulated Jacket; Carson Insulated Jacket;
MEN’S PANTS – Atlas GORE-TEX® Pant; Vision Stretch BibBleeker GORE-TEX® Pant;


Armada’s SLIM fit includes some men’s jackets and women’s pants, and is narrow in width and length; with a skinnier silhouette and an additional 1-2″ in length coming from its tight tailoring. Our Slim fit pants are slim through the legs and hips, with a relaxed waist.





SLIM Fit pieces include:
MEN’S JACKETS – Sampson Down Jacket

MEN’S PANTS – Atmore Stretch Pant
WOMEN’S PANTS – Whit Stretch Pant; Cassie Overall; Haunt Stretch Pant


Armada’s women’s jackets TAILORED fit is an extra 2″ of length with a tailored cut for a longer, slimmer silhouette.


TAILORED Fit pieces include:
WOMEN’S JACKETS – Dakota Down JacketKasson GORE-TEX® JacketKana GORE-TEX® Jacket; Stadium Insulated Jacket; Helena Insulated Jacket; Saint Pullover Jacket


Our women’s jackets TEAM fit is an extra long body with a flattering shape, that also provides more protection and great style.


TEAM Fit pieces include:
WOMEN’S JACKETS – Lynx Insulated Jacket; Gypsum Jacket

With an understanding of our different styles, you can explore the right one for you. Then it’s time to properly figure out your measurements…



It’s important to not confuse a given fit with your body’s measurements. There’s a difference – often called the “ease.” For example, if your chest measures 39 inches and you buy a t-shirt measuring 40 inches on the whole (or 20 inches if you lay it flat), your ease equals 1 inch. This is a typical ease for a slimmer-fitting shirt made from a stretchy fabric. So if you measure a 41-inch chest and normally wear a size L jacket, our Large Traditional Fit jacket will measure about 50 inches around – giving you a 9-inch ease between your chest and the jacket. For a women’s Traditional fit, the jacket measures about 40 inches on a small, or about a 5 inch ease.

Something else to note: when you see an item listed as a MEDIUM size, this is an average of all the body-measurements. The chances of you lining up perfectly with this average in all measurements (sleeve, chest, waist, arm length, etc.) is actually very small. The industry is based on these averages in order to accommodate as many people as possible, in as few size variations as possible. But you wouldn’t be the first long and slim, or short and stocky person that finds him or herself looking for the needle in a haystack. Chances are that somewhere along the line, you’ve had the experience of buying a SMALL that is too short, or a LARGE that is too long. This is another reason we like to offer a menu of fits, and hopefully accommodate more of you.

Finding the right size garment starts with establishing your base size. Most outerwear brands post a sizing chart with a few basic measurements, so grab your tape measure and get to work!



First up is CHEST SIZE, which can be measured this under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest. The tape measure should be snug, not loose enough to slide off but not so tight that it jams up your breathing. Lower your arms, take a breath and see what the tape tells you.

SLEEVE LENGTH is measured from the middle of your neck to your wrist bone. Use one hand to line up the tape end with the bone sticking out on the back end of your neck and let the tape drop over your shoulder and down your arm so you can see where the wrist lays.

WAIST SIZE is where things can get a bit weird. In most pants, waist size doesn’t correspond to any measurement of your actual waist, or where you wear your pants. Waist sizes on pants still generally coordinate with where people wore their pants back in the day, and that’s just below your belly button. Today, pants are generally worn on the high-hip, the widest area of the seat, where your femur ends. All this said, the difference between where you likely wear your pants and your listed pant size usually isn’t more than an inch and a half. So if your high-hip measures 34, you’re in the neighborhood of a 33 size pant.

Finally, let’s talk about your INSEAM. Most outerwear brands don’t offer different lengths in a given waist size, because people don’t pay attention to it – think about the last time you did. They get around this by simply adding length to larger pant sizes, even though girth (waist size) and length (inseam) are not necessarily related (guys, amirite?). But it’s still good to know your inseam when you’re buying outerwear pants, just to make sure you’re not getting yourself into something that’s too short.

With body measurements in place, you can now line up with a size chart. Most charts offer a range and it’s easy to see where you land. If you’re looking at outerwear and falling in between ranges, you’re best going with the larger size – it’s more comfortable than getting into something too small, and makes it easier to layer underneath.

You’ve done your homework – now comes the fun part. Dive into our Men’s and Women’s outerwear collections and find the kit that’s right for you.

And check out our full Men’s and Women’s size chart below.



Men’s Tops XS S M L XL XXL
Chest 34-35″ 36-37″ 38-39″ 40-41″ 42-44″ 45-49″
Waist 28-30″ 30-32″ 32-34″ 34-36″ 36-38″ 38-40″
Sleeves 30-31″ 32-33″ 34-35″ 35-36″ 36-37″ 36-37″


Men’s Tops XS S M L XL XXL
Chest 86-89 cm 90-94 cm 95-100 cm 101-104 cm 105-112 cm 113-125 cm
Waist 71-76 cm 77-82 cm 83-86 cm 87-91 cm 92-96 cm 97-102 cm
Sleeves 76-79 cm 80-84 cm 85-89 cm 90-92 cm 93-94 cm 93-94 cm


Men’s Pants XS S M L XL XXL
Waist 28-30″ 30-32″ 32-34″ 34-36″ 36-38″ 38-40″
Inseam 26-28″ 28-30″ 30-31″ 32-33″ 33-34″ 33-34″


Men’s Pants XS S M L XL XXL
Waist 71-76 cm 77-82 cm 83-86 cm 87-91 cm 92-96 cm 97-102 cm
Inseam 66-71 cm 72-76 cm 77-79 cm 80-84 cm 85-87 cm 85-87 cm


Women’s Tops XS S M L XL
Chest 31-33″ 33-35″ 35-37″ 37-39″ 39-41″
Waist 24-26″ 26-28″ 28-30″ 30-32″ 32-34″
Sleeves 26-28″ 27-29″ 28-30″ 29-31″ 32-32″


Women’s Tops XS S M L XL
Chest 78-84 cm 85-89 cm 90-94 cm 95-99 cm 100-104 cm
Waist 61-66 cm 67-71 cm 72-76 cm 77-81 cm 82-86 cm
Sleeves 66-71 cm 72-74 cm 74-76 cm 76-79 cm 79-81 cm


Women’s Pants XS S M L XL
Waist 24-26″ 26-28″ 28-30″ 30-32″ 32-34″
Hip 34-35″ 36-37″ 38-39″ 40-41″ 42-43″
Inseam 28-30″ 29-31″ 30-32″ 31-33″ 32-34″


Women’s Pants XS S M L XL
Waist 61-66 cm 67-71 cm 72-76 cm 77-81 cm 82-86 cm
Hip 86-89 cm 90-94 cm 95-99 cm 100-104 cm 105-109 cm
Inseam 71-76 cm 77-78 cm 79-81 cm 82-84 cm 85-86 cm