Evo x Armada Mural & Gallery

We sent our in-house Artist and Graphic Designer, Joseph Toney, to Colorado to lay down his handiwork on Evo’s Denver Store. Over one week, through his ‘device drawing’ style, Joseph illustrated detailed contour studies of mountains and animals on the downtown wall of Evo Denver. You can watch here for insight into his creative process.

To check out more and to purchase the Invictus Series featuring Joseph’s artwork, click here to head to EVO.


Joseph starts with a to scale drawing that allows him to properly keep proportions as he works close to the wall. In doing so he can quickly block out areas of shadow and highlight. These blocked colors help guide his final mark making.

Through the use of stencils every application of paint becomes finely guided. By restricting the ways he makes marks he has created a system that builds abstracted illustrations of the natural elements he depicts.

To cap off our collaboration with Evo, Armada’s Art Department dug into the archive of both new and old art. Everything the art Department creates does not always make it onto final skis, or even see the light of day. Evo presented us a unique opportunity with their gallery space to shine light on some of our unseen work, in order to provide insight to what all goes into the final products we make. Often times the original art that ends up on our topsheets or outerwear patterns is as unique as the final products themselves. Through the gallery space we were able to show the art behind the product as well as share stories of the processes that we use when creating our product line.