“En Particulier” With Phil Casabon

Not many people think about the time and effort that go into getting a single 10 second urban shot. Most of the time you just watch the edits and its banger after banger with no insight on what it really took to accomplish. Last year Phil Casabon and Brady Perron teamed up to produce a gold medal winning Xgames Real Street Edit. Now, we are proud to present to you ‘En Particulier’ a Film documenting the struggle and passion it takes to be #1 in the streetz.

“En Particulier details Phil on a lively tour through his home province of Quebec. I was along for the ride as his videographer for a couple months of cold and Franglais. We have been friends for many years, allowing me to shed an honest light onto Phil’s sense of seriousness about craft and performance while maintaining an often-goofy attitude. The expressions of love, hype and struggle found in the flick weren’t meant to be seen by Phil’s audience, just the 90 seconds of action for his winning Real Ski video. After digesting the amount and personality of all the unseen footage, I thought it could be a refreshing Phil film. He let me take the reins and portray some of his h’art layered on top of beats made by his friends in Trois-Rivieres, a neighboring city to Phil’s Shawinigan. I appreciate the opportunity and days with Phil- big times.” – Brady

“This piece presents my ambivalent relationship toward’s the craft i pursue under pressured circumstances. Tastefully exposed by the artistic eye of Brady Perron, one cannot underestimate the immense influence his presence created. His genuine persona and social warmth acts as leverage with the encounters of this journey, turning these simple encounters to star actors. We wish this raw testament of our love for creating art transport you through our feelings during those times.” – Phil

Catch Phil Casabon’s iconic mystique unveiled by filmer and friend Brady Perron during their time spent shooting Phil’s X Games Real Ski 2018 winning video. “En Particulier” takes the viewer through Casabon’s passionate process, raw thrill and Quebec roots. His playfulness, determination and coordination play out for 23 minutes of intimacy, struggle and heavy tricks, letting the audience get a closer look into Casabon’s mind and chemistry surrounding his beloved craft.

Directed, Shot and Edited by
Brady Perron @b_person

Skiing and Music Supervision by
Phil Casabon @casablunt

Music by Cloud Collision

Special thanks Emile Bergeron and Alexandre Casabon