Carmel Windstopper Mitt

$59.95 $29.98

The Armada Carmel Windstopper Mitt, a light-weight mitt that still keeps those digits happily together and warm.  Equipped with a stretch woven shell and GORE® WINDSTOPPER® bonded lining, your hands will feel safe and protected as soon as you slide on of these bad boys on. Palm prints adding extra grip so your hand never slides off that blunt grab again. Try to find these prints anywhere else…

Shell: 100% Polyester
Palm: Synthetic Suede + Silicone Palm Print
Tech: Gore Windstopper® Lining
Lining: Gore Windstopper® 177g Fleece on hand back, Gore Windstopper® 140g Fleece on palm

Articulated Fingers