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Please contact your Dealer Service Representative directly.

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Please check out our Warranty Policy or reach out to with your required information.

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Please check out our Warranty Policy under Support.



What size ski is right for me?
Ski sizing has changed drastically over the last 10 years and remains very much a matter of personal preference.You can reach out to us and we’d love to help you find what ski and size best fits your needs. You can also visit your local Armada authorized dealer for more personalized consultation.

Where should I mount my bindings?
All of our skis come marked with a factory recommended mounting line on the center detail of each ski. We do exhaustive testing with every new model to fine tune the mounting location to where each ski will perform best. As such, if you are unsure of where to mount your skis, the factory recommended position is a good choice. We recommend that you have your skis mounted by an Authorized Armada Dealer using our Armada Step Bit.

A list of factory recommended mounting positions for each model and length is available in our 16/17 mounting guide.

What is the Armada Step Drill Bit? What are the benefits? Can a non-Armada dealer mount my skis?
A few years ago, our head of R&D developed a tapered drill bit for use when mounting bindings. All Armada dealers have access to these bits and are encouraged to use them as binding retention increases up to 20% when using the Armada bit.

While some non-Armada dealers have purchased our step drill bit since its release, it’s best to confirm the technician will use our drill bit when seeking mount work at a non-Armada dealer.

What are the edge bevels for Armada’s skis?
Our skis arrive to retailers with a 1-degree base edge and 1-degree side edge bevel.

Where can I find more information about Armada’s various camber profiles, cores and ski construction?
To learn more about Armada’s technical features, you can read more HERE.



How do I get ARMADA to sponsor me?
ARMADA was co-founded by five of the best skiers in the world. As such, we have very high standards for the caliber of athletes we sponsor. ARMADA approaches sponsorship with an outreach mentality. Almost all of our athletes we discovered and recruited to be on our team.
If we’re interested, you’ll hear from us.


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